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For the Birds, Wildlife, & More
A great store to cover all of your wildbird feeding needs!

For The Birds, Wildlife and More is a wild bird and wildlife feeding store. Our inventory includes many types of bird feeders including some very clever squirrel proof feeders. Hummingbird feeders, Oriole feeders, thistle feeders, seed feeders, decorative feeders, in house feeders and even deer and turkey feeders can be found at our store.

Many types and mixes of wild bird feed can be found in our store such as Fruit and Nut Blend, Cardinal-Chickadee Mix, Waste Free Gourmet (no shells, all tasty sunflower hearts and tree nuts without the shell), Woodpecker-Nuthatch Mix and Nyjer or Thistle. Peanuts in the shell and out of the shell are available and cracked corn, whole corn (shelled) and ear corn are available for feeding deer, turkey and squirrels. We even carry a special "Buck and Doe Buffet" which is flavored whole corn that the deer just love which comes in apple or cherry flavors. Suet feeders and peanut feeders are also available. Suet cakes, seed cakes, seed bells and seed wreaths are also available.

Accessories like poles, hooks, squirrel bafflesand weather domes for bird feeders are all items stocked. For the Birds Wildlife and More also offers a lot of great gift ideas. You've heard the saying about a gift that keeps on giving, well, bird feeders are truly the gift that "keeps on giving" enjoyment all year long. Other gift items include very realistic Bird Kites that flap their wings in the slightest breeze, Weathervanes from polished copper to traditional black or painted, Audubon Collectibles , books, CDs , wildlife figurines and statues and much more. Nesting boxes for Bluebirds, Tree Swallows, Chickadees, Wrens, Woodpeckers, Screech Owls and Kestrels as well as Squirrel nest boxes are all in stock We also carry Purple Martin Houses and poles for one of the most sought after birds in America.

The Purple Martin colony eats thousands of insects a day and almost exclusively relies on man made housing. Some people get the chills when they think about bats, but the wiser know that bats eat thousands of insects and are actually quite beneficial. Learn more about bats by picking up a booklet and even a bat house at For The Birds Wildlife and More For The Birds and Wildlife also carries bird baths, heated baths for the cold weather, as well as bath de-icers, waterfall rocks, misters and drippers create moving water which birds find irresistible. If you want to attract more birds . . . just add water.